United Nations


Within the United Nations (UN), 193 countries collaborate to create a better and safer world. The UN carries out various executive programs for this purpose and provides a platform for countries to engage in discussions and make agreements.

The goals of the UN include:

The opportunities for the Dutch Caribbean regarding the UN primarily revolve around knowledge sharing, research, and networking. Funding from the UN is expected to be limited, partly because the islands are part of the Netherlands (a first-world country).

Sustainable Development Goals​

The UN has established 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals aim to achieve a sustainable world for everyone by 2030, where no one is left behind.

These goals are particularly relevant to islands, given that islands often experience the effects of issues like climate change first and are highly sensitive to topics such as food security, energy, and sustainable economic development. Because Caribbean islands are small ecosystems, the impact is quickly noticeable. The UN assists these islands with knowledge sharing and research when necessary. It makes sense for the Dutch Caribbean to explore the possibilities of implementing the SDGs further. The Special Envoy’s office can assist in this regard.

UN local 2030 Island Network​

The United Nations (UN) considers islands worldwide as a significant focus area for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly because they lag behind in terms of sustainable development. However, islands are the first to experience -for example- the effects of climate change. For this reason, islands worldwide have taken the initiative to establish a specific network focused on their challenges: the UN Local2030 Island Network.

The UN Local2030 Island Network is a platform aimed at promoting the implementation of the SDGs through collaboration between local and regional governments, national governments, businesses, community organizations, and the UN. The BES-islands are members of the UN Local2030 Island Network and the liaison of the Special Envoy Mrs. Bianca Peters is a member of the steering committee. The Cabinet of the Special Envoy utilizes this network by, among other things, raising awareness on the islands regarding the SDGs and the opportunities they present for the islands.